Power Yoga

Yoga teaches us how to use our physical power – not only on the mat but also in our workout and other physical activities. Especially our deep muscles are important for stabilizing and supporting our joints in daily movement. With the following yoga sequence you create your daily Yoga workout for all kind of muscles in your body!

If we want to stay fit in long term it is important not only to stretch but also to strengthen the deep muscle layers in our body. In conventional workouts or weight trainings we prioritize superficial muscles to get a visible effect. If the supportive muscles around the joints are not strong enough to support our bone construct this can result in tension or even chronic diseases.

A balanced training therefore is important for a not only good looking but also healthy body!

Adho Mukha Shvanasana – Downward Facing Dog

Start in table top position. Spread your fingers widely in your mat and place your knees below your hips. Your toes tucked under.

INHALE: Stretch both legs and push your tailbone up. Keep both hands on the floor. Bend your ellbows a little bit pulling them towards each other. After doing this inward rotations of your upper arms you can slowly stretch both arms letting the crown of your head sink down and releasing shoulders and neck.

EXHALE: Let your heels sink deeper down to the floor.

Take five deep breaths in Downward Facing Dog. Stay active in your core by pulling your navel in and up. Let your back be very long.

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Chaturanga Dandasana – Plank 

Starting pose: Downward Facing Dog

IN: Shift your weight to the front by bringing your shoulders above your wrists. Your legs are long now.

EX: Push your weight a bit further back in your heels.

Stay here fore three deeps breaths before you switch into the next pose. Try to keep your core active all the time so you can work against gravity not letting your pelvis sink down.

Knee – to – Ellbow

Coming from: Downward Facing Dog

IN: Lift your right leg. Keep your hips in one line.

EX: Shift your weight to the front so your shoulders are above your wrists while pulling your right knee towards your upper body. Round your spine as much as you can so you can feel the contraction in your abs.

IN: Stretch your right leg while shifting your weight back into your left heel.

Repeat this movement 3-5 times before you switch sides.

Shalabhasana – Locust Pose

Starting pose: On the belly

Interlace your finger behind your back. Try to keep the palms of your hands very close and stretch your arms leaving a micro bend in your ellbow joints.

IN: Lift your upper body and your legs from the mat. Use the strength of your upper back rather than your head. Look straight in front of you.

EX: Lift your arms higher and open your chest more by pulling the hands further back.

Stay here for 3-5 deep breaths. Breathe deeply in your heart space feeling the stretch in your shoulders. Maintain all of your core muscles engaged to support your back in this intense pose.

EX: Come back on your belly and rest here a few deep breaths on your right ear before you repeat the pose.

Navasana – Boat Pose

Starting pose: Upright seat

Place your feet in front of you and grab the backside of your thighs lifting your chest up. Activate your core muscles to support your lower back.

EX: Lift one and then the other foot from the mat so you can bringt both legs in a right angle. Flex your feet gazing towards your big toes.

IN: Lift your sternum higher so you can feel the presence in the area around your hear. Maintain the balance on your sitting bones.

EX: When you have found your balance here stretch your arms next to your legs.

Stay for five deep breaths in this pose. In the advanced version of this pose you can stretch your legs and let your upper body sink further down – but always keep chest and chin up – smile 😉

Shavasana – Corpse Pose

Coming from: Navasana

From tension come to relaxation by just letting your arms and legs slip away from you. Let your feet turn to the outside so your heels are facing each other and you can release your hips, legs and feet. Turn the palms of your hands towards the ceiling so your heart space remains open even in this pose of relaxation. Take one last inhale and let the whole weight of your body sink into the floor by exhaling one more time. Leaving eyes and mouth closed just lay here as long as you want to – not moving, just breathing easily through your nostrils.

Especially after a powerful sequence like this you should take a few moments just letting the body relax and processing the practice.

Photos from:

Hatha Yoga – Das komplette Buch. Martina Mittag.

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