Homemade Granola


Instead of walnuts you can also use hazelnuts or almonds.

How to do:

#1 Chop the nuts in a grinder.

#2 Blend oats, nuts, kernels, coconutflakes and add some cinnamon and sea salt.

#3 Add the fluid honey and coconut oil which has been heated in a waterbath before.

#4 Spread the mass on a baking sheet and bake the Granola in a pre-heated oven 120° for about 20 minutes (check the crispyness in between so you eventually leave it in there a bit longer).

Let the Granola cool down before you put it in a lockable glass.

#5 Give 3-5 drops of Young Living Essential Orange Oil into the glass and mix it with a long spoon.

Here you can store your Granola for several weeks (it never lasts longer than one week in my kitchen ;-)). Be creative with combining your crunchy breakfast with bananas, oat milk or coconut yoghurt.

Enjoy 🙂

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