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Sometimes it is the story of a single person that changes the destiny of so many others. The Euphorn Orphanage in the South of Thailand is the perfect example that even from the most shattering events something great can come into existence.

After being a victim of domestic violence during her childhood, founderin Narada Kaewnapan turned fate into her life’s purpose. During her social work as a teacher she met her husband and partner Jarongtorn.

23 years ago the couple started to build up Baan Euphorn which has become not only a sanctuary for abused children but also the place they call home.

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The youngest child is a one and a half year old girl who found her way to the orphanage just two months ago. Her mother, who is still a child herself, had to keep the pregnancy as a secret from her family and asked Euphorn for help. This is only one story out of many. Every child here carries their own load but everything else here is shared: Just like in a family they laugh, play and live together.

Helping Thai Orphanages to Help Themselves

Besides the domestic and family atmosphere that is created here, Jarongtorn and Naradas biggest aim is it to help develop a sense of responsibility for each child. “Until the end of their schooldays, we can attend to them but at a certrain point they have to stand on their own feet!”

In order to teach the children that money does not grow on palm trees, they have to help with tending to the vegetable garden, baking bread or selling self-grown coffee in order to generate some extra money.

Self-supply is another big topic that Jarongtorn wants to support. Even if the children are not able to get the best or most expensive academic education, they should be able to nourish and provide for themselves.

It’s touching to see how engaged the family is – at the same time they are obviously overstrained. With more than 40 children, volunteers and family members living here there is supplementary work that needs to be done. These added tasks take away from the care and attention that the children actually need.

In order for the basic needs of the children to be met, they require a lot of time and energy. After school the kids have to help out with chores such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and taking care of the court.

Wandering throughout the backyard you will find huge piles of laundry sat next to mountains of dishes. Two of the three washing machines don’t work properly anymore and simple things such as pegs are missing.

First and Foremost Euphorn Needs Helping Hands!

For Jarongtorn and Narada the support on a human level is even more important than the financial donations. This is why they refuse to put their bank details on the website. “We want people to actually come here – getting to know the kids and see with their own eyes what’s happening ”

Volunteer Work in South Thailand

You want to offer your help? Wether it be gardening, cooking, doing the laundry, or taking care of the children directly, your help is deeply needed!

Donations and Social Work in Thailand

Get in touch with us by the below-mentioned contact form and we will send you all the details for voluntary work or information for the donation process.

Free Spirits Charity Yoga

In February 2020 we were blessed to deliver almost 600€ that we generated throughout the Charity Yoga Project last December.

The social media posts that were spread via Facebook and Instagram inspired the local community in Thailand to support the project with more donations. Only two days after our visit we were able to buy two brand new washing machines for Baan Euphorn!

Social projects such as Baan Euphorn do not have the ability to pay for public relations work that is urgently needed. Your help is needed to spread awareness for the work that is being done here!

Spread this article and our posts to inspire other Free Spirits to get involved and to lend a helping hand!

In the name of every one who participated this project by spending their time, effort and energy we want to say, from the bottom or our hearts: